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“The Constitution is a glorious standard

Founded in the wisdom of God!”
Said Joseph Smith, though he himself slandered
As he could not get the redress he sought

Not until the end of the Civil War would the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution begin to be extended to the states, Elder Oaks noted. “Therefore, during Joseph’s life, fundamental First Amendment rights like the free exercise of religion and freedom of speech and press only restrained the federal government. During Joseph Smith’s lifetime, individual states had to define and regulate such rights at the local level.”“It was not surprising that when Joseph Smith ran for the U.S. presidency in 1844, one of the planks in his platform was to strengthen the federal government’s ability to ensure justice and redress for all citizens and to ensure that the Constitution was applied equally to the states,” he said. Controversial though his position was at the time, it ultimately became the law of the land “and a critical component in America’s democracy,” he added.  Dallin H. Oaks speaking in Illinois.  

Behind the Extraditions: Joseph Smith, the Man and the Prophet

Where did his genius come from? Divine revelation, Elder Oaks says

slandered   (Rhymnzone.com)

  • noun:   words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another
  • noun:   an abusive attack on a person’s character or good name
  • verb:   charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone

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Shoulder to shoulder, let us unite and walk
On this enduring path we exercise, let us talk
Let us speak of our common goal to be free
To act as our creator taught us how to be
Let us speak of our faiths, each to stand apart
And fan the flame of belief of which we’re a part
Under God, we are what lights this country strong
A city on a hill offering freedom’s song

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Look away. Turn it off.
Avoid it at all costs.
Your covenants must be sought
Let faith direct your thoughts
Do not accomodate
The temptations of porn
The temple doors await
Be spiritually reborn

“Don’t accommodate any degree of temptation. Prevent sin and avoid having to deal with its inevitable destruction. So, turn it off! Look away! Avoid it at all costs. Direct your thoughts in wholesome paths. Remember your covenants and be faithful in temple attendance.”

—Dallin H. Oaks, “Pornography
Topics: Pornography

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How do we show commitment
To our Savior, Jesus Christ?
But by keeping all our covenants
And giving love and sacrifice

Consecrate thine efforts
To our Savior, Jesus Christ
In all things He supports
Through the asking and the price

Elder Dallin H. Oaks
Ensign May 2012, 19

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Jesus made Himself
A sacrifice for all.
He ransomed us from Hell
And overcame the Fall.

The ultimate good
Without any blemish-
For the world stood
Till the work was finished.

Every bit of evil…
Painfully He suffered.
Pressed to know His people
The perfect lamb was offered.

No more, need we sacrifice
As in the days of old.
Fully, He has paid the price.
We may come into the fold.

What can I, to Him, give?
An offering of my own?
In newness, I want to live
As a disciple… known.

Yet, I am but ordinary.
How could I possibly please Him?
I’ve but the broken heart to carry
And a contrite spirit, even

My family has disowned me
My country and my friends
But, the gospel I hold dearly
I feel the strength God sends

What else matters
To be first in my life
For hope gathers
Healing all pain and strife

In memory of all who have left something behind to know Christ.  Knowing with God all things are possible, with hope, they take the journey of faith.
Pondering Elder Oaks conference talk
Mar 31 2012

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What has Jesus done for me?
One asked…while not wanting to see
But the words were said, I gave them much thought
Knowing the answer for each must be sought-

He created this earth and added for us light
As our Exemplar, He then came and did all that is right
He suffered our pains and sins, then was sentenced to death
And because of Him we will rise again through His living breath

Ever selfless up to and through His darkest hour
He gave us commandments, the priesthood, and sealing power
While humbly He listens to and attends to every prayer
Such that when we need Him, He is always there

To those in the dark who have lost their way
There is oh so much more I would like to say
May the Holy Ghost teach to you all of the rest
As you seek for it, in righteousness, truly you will be blessed

Teachings of Jesus
Dallin H. Oaks
Ensign, November 2011

Thank you Danielle for your email. I love to put thoughts to poetry. It touches me that you have read some. I hope to get better as the years go by. Sometimes I think I will stop. But, writing has become a very close friend… and I miss it deeply- five days was a long time this week.

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Truth will stand
And endure
Through righteous living
As the cure

thoughts from Elder Dallin H. Oaks
CES fireside
Truth and Tolerance
September 11, 2011

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