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Heavenly Father will bless you
To do amazing things
If you heed His words, to do
His love comes shining through

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The gospel is a plan of freedom

Where appetites are in check
Our behavior becomes wholesome

As we let Christ’s light direct

The gospel, said President Gordon B. Hinckley (1910–2008), “is a plan of freedom that gives discipline to appetite and direction to behavior.”1 This plan puts us on a path of increasing knowledge and capacity, increasing grace and light. It is the freedom to become what you can and ought to be. But for your freedom to be complete, you must be willing to give away all your sins (see Alma 22:18), your willfulness, your cherished but unsound habits, perhaps even some good things that interfere with what God sees is essential for you.

—D. Todd Christofferson, “You Are Free
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Jesus demonstrated love
To our Father above
By expounding on His law
And purely living what He taught

He was never haughty
Or puffed up with pride
He served as one mighty
To speak, but not deride

He had amazing power
And complete authority
For blessings He did shower
While inviting charity

He spoke to all and the “one”
Whoever had the faith to show
Healing work was done…
He was the Father’s son to know

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Stick with the brethren
And stand on higher ground
They see around the bend
Where safety can be found

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>Your faith is only as secure
As your obedience to God’s laws
Repentance is the cure
When you’ve put the rules on pause

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