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I know that I’ve
An unique roll
I must then strive
To reach each goal

To drift and float
Is not enough
For a lone boat
Sea waves are tough

Then watch the storm
More turbulent
Where sin’s froth forms
From rules I’ve bent

I am inept
When I’m alone
Overboard I’m swept
My curse to own

Where came that squall?
How did I sway?
How did I fall
And lose my way?

Shall I sink
Unto despair?
Or shall I think
Unto repair?

I must do
Whate’er it takes
To swim anew
With great painstakes

As I was tossed
About much more
I became lost
With no boat, no shore

To drown or drift
In this great big sea
Only one can lift
And then rescue me

He who calms the wind
And stills each wave
Can help this end
And, too, me save

As I beseeched
I felt a hand
As an arm reached
And raised me grand

I wiped my eyes
There was someone
It was the Christ
The living Son!

And He told me
To study more
For on the sea
There is no shore

He showed me His lone star
And how to navigate
Unto His bright pillar
For which it’s hard to wait

On my boat once more
I am not afraid
For I’m prepared for
Travels of crusade

I’m set on my way
Where the water’s deep
I read and I pray
For I have goals to keep

Prayers the answer
That saves us
I must anchor
Unto Jesus


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