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say, Bay, day, gay, hey, jay, lay, way, pay, pray, ray, stay, spay, spray, play, fray, away, hay, nay, way, clay, weigh, sleigh, neigh prey, grey, they, Trey, OK, hey

late, ate, bait, crate, date, eight, fate, freight, gait, gate, grate, great,  Kate, skate wait

hard, card, guard, lard yard, regard, scarred, starred

At, hat, mat, flat, fat, cat, bat, that, sat, rat, bat, pat, Pat

ash, bash, cash, clash, crash, dash, flash,gash, gnash, mash, rash, sash, slash, smash, splash, stash, trash

all, wall, ball, call, mall, tall, stall, crawl, fall, small, drawl, brawl, 

Snake, cake, awake steak break, brake, take, shake, rake, make, flake, fake, lake, Jake, quake, ache

add, mad, bad, had, sad, dad, pad, lad, glad, fad, tad

Bag, flag, tag, rag, nag, drag,Sag

Cab, grab, tab, scab, crab, nab, jab,

Back, sack, track, tack, slack, pack, track, snack, crack, knack, plaque, rack, smack, Jack, Yak, yack

draw, paw, gnaw, raw, saw, awe, straw, thaw, claw, law, flaw, caw

hand, grand, stand, planned, strand, tanned, land, band, canned, command, bland , brand, sand

Eat, meat, feet, treat, wheat, greet, seat, street, sweet, heat, repeat,meet sheet, heat, neat, Pete

Red, bed, head, dead, led, lead, bread, fed, said, shed, shred, bed, read, wed,Ed

Bee, see, flea, we, me, tea, ski, Lee, Dee, agree, three, sea, flee, he

bell, fell, well, dwell, gel, sell, spell, swell, shell, cell, lapel

men, hen, wren, den, when, then, again, pen

Neck, deck, wreck, fleck, speck, check, trek

pet, wet, get, jet, let, fret, debt, sweat, met, forget, regret

ill, pill, spill, drill, till, thrill, shrill, skill, frill, chill, bill, hill, sill, still, grill, mill, we’ll, refill, until, Brazil

grin, win, sin, in, bin, shin, chin, skin, begin, spin, thin, when, twin, kin, inn

Bright, light, sight, kite, night, tight, fright, site, bite, might, right, slight, knight, white polite, quite, tonight

Quit, fit, bit, sit, mitt, grit, kit, lit, pit, hit, wit, get, split, knit
Schmidt, Admit, permit

big, wig, twig, dig, rig, zig, jig

ride, wide, side, glide, hide, tide, tried, died, bride, fried, slide, stride,  cried, lied, inside, provide, denied, divide, collide, outside, pride

Big, dig, wig, pig, twig, rig

Pretty, ditty, witty, city, kitty, bitty

smile, pile, while, file, mile, trial, tile, aisle

Time, Chime, Climb, Crime, Dime, Grime, Lime, Mime, Prime, Rhyme, Slime

swine, twine, fine, nine, mine, vine, spine, line, sign, dine, define 

Fly, why, my, sigh, eye, try, sky, by, bye, buy, guy, hi, sly, dye, thigh, nigh, shy, spy, I

Stick, prick, nick, brick, quick, thick, trick, tick, lick, slick, chick, click, sick, Rick, Kick, crick

door, more, floor, store, core, tore, chore, score, snore, ore, roar, shore, pour, four, tore, oar, drawer, wore, your, war, soar

Ocean, Motion, notion, potion, commotion , explosion

round, found, ground, hound, sound, round, pound, bound, around, astound, surround

Sports, Shorts, courts, ports, forts, quarts, sorts,reports, resorts, escorts

Note, quote, boat, tote, float, wrote, throat, vote, moat,  coat, goat

Joke, oak, poke, spoke, croak, stroke, choke, cloak, smoke

old, cold, hold, fold, sold, gold, bold, told, 

Hot, thought, fought, sought, rot, cot, tot, lot, got, not, knot, pot, yacht, trot,Taught, clot, brought, rot, forgot, fought, dot, apricot

Clock, rock, chalk, talk, hawk, squawk, lock, flock, knock

log, frog, bog, dog, fog, jog

book, look, took, crook, shook, brook, nook, snook, rook

Know, grow, flow, show, row, tow, mow, bow, no, crow, snow, slow, sew, below,Plateau, low, blow, glow

how, now, bow, sow, chow, plow, wow

hole, role, roll, toll, foal, goal, whole, bowl, soul, mole,

rub, tub, scrub, shrub, club, grub, stub, snub, sub

sun, bun, one, done, run, fun, won, ton, spun, none, sung, hung, rung

pug, dug, rug, lug, plug, slug, chug, snug, bug, drug, smug, thug

Hut, shut, Nut, gut, what, rut

Truck, luck, tuck, cluck, suck, buck, pluck, duck, stuck

bump, clump, dump, grump, hump, jump, lump, plump, pump, rump, slump, stump, thump, trump

Fruits, Boots, flutes, hoots, loots, mutes, roots, shoots, suits, toots

bunk, chunk, dunk, flunk, funk, hunk, junk, punk, skunk, slunk, spunk, sunk, trunk

You, who, zoo, Too, new, knew, gnu, grew, flew, few, to, two, screw, true, shoe, glue, into, drew, Thank you, through, ewe, redo, renew, review, pursue, bamboo, blue, brew, boo, zoo, do, too, whew, shoe, goo, coo, igloo

I was up sick in the night and thought I would make the next day go smoother.  I wanted to make teaching poetry a little easier with a prepared list of rhyming words.  What a great review of vowel families.  I was surprised with the longest list being long u variations

I think the best poems writing activities come from the Achievement/ Cub Scout age.

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