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Isn’t it a marvel- 
That He hears us when we pray?
He avails Himself to all
As the Light, the Life, the Way!

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Prayer is the promised source of help,
When you want to improve your life.
Self control comes and emotional health,
As you confront stress with God’s light.
Then, not depleted in a state of alarm,
Those outbursts and binges become less.
You are saved from doing yourself more harm,
For prayer does both enrich and bless.

Moment of reflection: People turn to prayer ‘as a coping response to the high demands in life’ and are rewarded with increased strength and ability to resist temptation, researchers said

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2515637/Does-prayer-help-resist-temptation-Talking-God-boosts-self-control-emotional-stability-claims-study.html#ixzz2m96sCQPS
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Great and mighty things are made shown
To those who are given to prayer
For, the heavens do lay open
And our Father in Heaven does care

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Illuminate the way
Out of darkness.
Read God’s Word and pray
His light, harness!

The hope of light
Comes through life’s door
Holy and bright
It is the Lord!

But even though we may feel lost in the midst of our current circumstances, God promises the hope of His light—He promises to illuminate the way before us and show us the way out of darkness.

The Hope of God’s Light

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Inquire of the Lord
His word makes mysteries known
Prayer unlocks the door
Where marvelous things are shown

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Have you ever walked in circles
Endlessly, only to get no where?
Have you ever faced hard hurdles
And wondered, “How did I get here?”

As though it is a cloudy day
With the sun hidden from view
This is us when we forget to pray
Our reference point has gone too

Without the word of God, to hold
How will we have ears to hear?
At the crossroads where do we go?
As burdens and trials appear

Real and valuable landmarks
Are given at each general conference
We are to hold them to our hearts
And with eyes to see, make a difference

To each has been given a gift
To each, a blessing to share
To teach, inspire, and lift
Through the spirit we find there!


Walking in Circles

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Remember who you are when you pray
And to whom you are praying
Conform your will to His each new day
As a child found obeying

Remember who you are
And to whom you pray
You have a blessed part
In the Latter Day

Seek to know God’s will
To then fill you with desire
Listen well, be still
And seek His words to inspire

All your prayers can be undone
By one single mistake
Grasp a vision of what’s to be won
By every step you make

The Mission and Ministry of Jesus Christ

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