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Heavenly Father
Is touching our lives
Through worthy brethren
With the priesthood of Christ

As a loving parent
He wants us to succeed
Through blessings its apparent
He knows our thoughts and our needs


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Parental Call

Men hold the priesthood, yes
To be the hands and voice of God
Not to conrol but to bless
As a vehicle of service

Women bear, nurture, and school
Teaching children their worth
Her divine role is beautful
As a vessel, she is fruitful

The man cannot bless himself
Nor can the woman do it all
Each are in need of the other’s help
To fulfill their parental call

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>You have the tools and support
To survive Babylon
With the Lord’s armor
You have help to go on

You have the Lord’s priesthood
To stand against
All the devil would
Use to take your strength

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