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>Don’t let the day
Be in control
Prepare, plan, and pray
Know of your role

Be of kind service
Do as Christ would
Build on your purpose
Growing ever good


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>Seeking Promise

>The day damp and grey
Never shared the sun
Mountain tops went away
Of airplanes, I saw none

In the still and gloom
I truly felt alone
Imprisoned in my room
Passing minutes counted and known

The trees blackened and bare
Held tight their silent promise
For soon each bud would share
Blossoms none could miss

All around now dormant
Was new life to be seen
Springing to performance
Ranging in pinks, whites, and greens

How it helps to look ahead
Beyond from what lies before
Though at times much seems dead
We can seek for hints of more

For life is more than now
More than what has just passed
Life is eternally endowed
With Christ’s light, promise kissed

Though we each will die
New life comes eternal
When comes our last sigh
Our lives will not be final

Thus, the Son offers newness
Spiritually, to be born in us
If we seek our purpose
Budding within comes nobleness

Gone will be the chill of doubt
As principles take root
Our good works will then sprout
Producing the best fruit

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