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Having become the queen
Esther was the only one
Who could cancel the decree
That the law could be undone
All, both the young and old
As a Jew would soon perish
Only the queen did hold
The power to undo this
For she herself was a Jew
And the King loved her so
Surely, then, if he knew…
Thus she found the faith to go
With the fasting of her handmaids
And the prayers of Israel
She entered the inner court gates
And knew she would not fail
The golden scepter, then, did rise
She confessed her true birthright
She exposed Haman’s lies
And bade the king do what is right
We too can save our nation
And fast and pray in faith
Provide education
And for miracles, wait

Let none worship and bow down
To any save our two Kings
Heavenly Father, to be known
And His Son, deliverance He brings


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