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No one is immune
From becoming infirm
Though weakness does loom
We can be steadfast and firm

We need not worry or fear
But serve with all our might
Seeking the Spirit near
And sharing of Christ’s light

He left His footprints to follow
In the sands along the seashore
Preserving us with His matchless power
Teaching the meek He is the Savior

As recorded in the second chapter of the book of Mosiah, “I am like as yourselves, subject to all manner of infirmities in body and mind; yet I have been chosen … and consecrated by my father, … and have been kept and preserved by [the Lord’s] matchless power, to serve you with all the might, mind and strength which the Lord hath granted unto me” (Mosiah 2:11). Despite any health challenges that may come to us, despite any weakness in body or mind, we serve to the best of our ability. I assure you that the Church is in good hands. The system set up for the Council of theFirst Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve assures that it will always be in good hands and that, come what may, there is no need to worry or to fear. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, whom we follow, whom we worship, and whom we serve, is ever at the helm.
As we now go forward, may we follow His example. He left His footprints in the sands of the seashore, but He left His teaching principles in the hearts and in the lives of all whom He taught. He instructed His disciples, and to us He speaks the same words, “Follow thou me” (John 21:22). May we ever be found doing so.

President Monson Encourages Members to “Reach Out to Rescue”


Standing in front of a mural depicting the resurrected Savior calling His Apostles to “go into all the world” to preach the gospel,  As we now go forwardmay we follow His exampleHe left His footprints in the sands of the seashorebut He left His teaching principles in the hearts and in the lives of all whom He taughtHe 


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