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>Reaching beyond this mortal life
We feel the touch of the Master’s hand
And in newness we come alive
Witnessing a change that is grand

Ever relying on the atonement
Being cleansed by the Holy Ghost
We make and keep sacred covenants
Unto God whom we need the most

Our ultimate desire
Is to return to Him someday
Of Him covenants are required
And we’ve help along the way

The path to Him is found
Through the Holy Spirit
In one eternal round
You have to seek to hear it

Heavenly Father has promised
If we read the Book of Mormon
We’ll know peace and happiness
From the new thoughts we are forming

Through daily prayer and scripture reading
We taste the fruits of the tree of life
And find divine counsel we are needing
To resist temptation and strife

There in finding guidance
And the strength to endure
Knowing our reliance
On our Savior ever pure


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