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Refined Gold

The refiner’s fire bubbled
And troubled my life of gold
Then, I was ever humbled
At the scum that rose, so cold

May the surface, more, be skimmed
By the great hands of the Master
That His goodness flow to the brim
Refining me for what does matter


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The goal is to be like gold,
Bright with depth, purely refined
Soft and malleable for God
To conduct His power, in kind

Resistant to corrosion
We do not react with much
Made bright for devotion
The iron rod strengthens us

In the heat of the refiner’s fire, our
Hidden impurities rise,
Weaknesses show in that dire hour
So our true value we can apprise

The heat of the refiner’s fire bubbled
And trouble what I thought was my life of gold
My weaknesses showed, I was humbled
But, I also saw my true worth unfold!
In this exposed state of existence
I purely sought for God and His help
He skimmed off my scum of persistence
Which I never could have done myself!

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Refined gold
Is the sweat of the sun
It shines bold
As afflictions are won

It is inert
And does not react
But does conduct
Power to act

Gold is inert and doesn’t react.
It conducts electricity
It is a perfect reflector of infrared

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