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With all my friends wasted
I came unto myself
Of what I’d once tasted
That made my heart so swell:
Love, peace, family, home,
And the Savior’s light.
His glorious hope,
And sage strength in life!

To, then, stand on higher ground
Where there is peace,
Where the gospel is found,
And where love does please.
Look, friends
See where I now stand?
Pain ends
Come and understand!


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Lustful, lewd behavior
Is very scandalous
Do the world a favor
Change and be fabulous

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What you have done is done
Repent and move on
The atonement was won
Sing redemption’s song!

The Master Healer waits
To cleanse you of sin
He rejuvenates!
Through Christ you can win!


  • verb:   return to life; get or give new life or energy

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She was recognized at once

Though it had been quite a while
She risked ridicule and “fronts”
And what she found made her smile
A hospital of sinners
That don’t judge those who come
In this life, we’re all beginners
To what we can become

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It is so easy for funds to dry up
When life is carefree, there is never enough
But when they are gone, oft too are your friends
For riotous living requires one spends
Then, where will you go and who will you meet?
To help you get back to where you stand on your feet
Always there is our Father, of this I attest
For He knows and loves us, and wants, for us, the best
We need not compete or question His love
So tender His mercy and blessings from above
That when we repent and cry out to Him
He holds naught a bit what comes from Heaven
All that He has, He is quick to share
Even His Son, His only so rare
He would that we be holy, clean, safe and sound
The dead to yet live and the lost to be found
Luke 15:11-32

When he came to his father’s care
What did the prodigal son share?
All of his friends so prone to stray!
Oh, it was a delightful day!

Life is not fair
But our Father is
We’ll know His care
The Heavens are His

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I have made lots of mistakes
And gotten way off track
But, now whatever it takes
I am glad to say, ” I’m back!”

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
A Ring A Robe,  A Fatted Calf

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Alma wanted to be as an angel

Oh, Lord have mercy
And spare my life
To become an angel
For those who cause strife

and his son saw an angel  Helaman

Oh, Lord have mercy
On me I pray
My soul is dirty
From the souls I slay

and they both said, “Have Mercy…”

  1. Alma 2 – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

    :30And it came to pass that Alma, being a man of God, 
    being exercised with much faith, cried, saying:
     O Lordhave mercy and spare my life, that I may be an 

  1. Mercy – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

    Mercy is the compassionate treatment of a person 
    greater than what is deserved, 
    and it is made possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

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