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In agony He knelt and wept
For God’s commandments that weren’t kept
Man’s careless sins both large and small
Our precious Lord redeemed them all

His loving sacrifice divine
Absolved men’s sin- yes, yours and mine
The earth received each drop He spilled
His sacred mission was fulfilled

Pondering the sacrament meeting and He Died the Great Redeemer Died
I started writing and Rick finished it.  ( I only wrote one line about the earth…)
It was a beautiful and bonding experience!


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I close my eyes and fall asleep
And find that I can fly
Leaving earthly bonds behind
I soar into the sky

Winging free into the blue
I visit foreign lands
High above vast fields of green
And over desert sands

The wonders of the earth are mine
While drifting through the air
No fence can interrupt my flight
I fly to everywhere

Until, at last, the daybreak nears
And I float back to the earth
Returning to my human form-
The one I got at birth

But I shall fly again tonight
When I fall asleep once more
Reclaim my wings in sheer delight
And with the eagles soar

My husband wrote this!

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