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Faith with good works does save
One mightily from the grave
Through repentance and faith in Christ
Who pardons our defects in life

Faith will be counted for righteousness!

Said Jefferson, “Bacon, Newton and Locke…are my trinity of the three greatest men the world has ever produced.”
John Locke wrote the 1669 constitution for the Carolina Colony.  He wrote books on the reasonableness of Christianity.
 According to Jefferson, Locke’s system of Christianity is this:
Adam was created happy and immortal….By sin he lost this so that he became subject to total death (like that of brutes [animals]) to the crosses and unhappiness of this life.  At the intercession however of the Son of God this sentence was in part remitted… And moreover to them who believed their faith was to be counted for righteousness.[Roman 4:3, 5] .  Not that faith without works was to save them; St. James, chapter 2 says expressly the contrary [vs 14-26]….So that a reformation of life (included under repentance) was essential, and defect in this would be made up by their faith; i.e. their faith should be counted for righteousness [ Romans 4:3, 5]…[A]dding a faith in God and His attributes that on their repentance He would pardon them [John 1:9]; they  also would be justified [Romans 3:24] .  This then explains the test “there is no other name under heaven by which a man may be saved”[Acts 4:12], i.e., the defects in good works shall not be supplied by a faith in Mahomet, Fo [i.e., Buddha] or any other except Christ.
The Jefferson  Lies pg. 41
David Barton


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