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Romney, Obama Focus On Debate Preparations « CBS DC

A growing crescendo of enthusiasm
Is following this promising campaign
There’s more energy and passion
The heart of America beats again

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Do not fix on and measure
The total of your sins
But take stock in and treasure
Where Christ’s light begins

See Glenn Becks video interviewing some people who have been touched by Mitt Romney in a personal way.  One who was seeking spiritual counsel received advice that inspired this.

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Life’s pace gets more intense
As the race narrows to win
Measuring each instance
Against the will to reach the end
For every long step of the way
I hope you will be by my side
The victories of today
Help me to increase my stride

Pondering Mitt Romney’s rush letter for contributions.

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Pause to remember
Solemnly with pride
Our American heroes
Who now live and have died

We owe all these men and women
Our respect and admiration
We are grateful for each veteran
For their service to this nation

Mitt Romney
Today, Veterans Day, we pause to remember – and to take solemn pride in –
America’s heroes. We owe the men and women who have served in our armed forces our respect, our admiration, and our eternal gratitude.

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>The Mormon Moment – Newsweek

The churches of America
Share a common creed
As a nation under God
They help moral convictions lead

In late 2007 Romney traveled to Texas A&M to soothe evangelicals with a speech that downplayed the distinctiveness of Mormonism. “It’s important to recognize that while differences in theology exist between the churches in America,” he said, “we share a common creed of moral convictions.”

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