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The tender broken heart
Is more prepared to hear
And feel what will impart
When the spirit draws more near

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Christ's burial

The drape of white linen 

Covers what is to be seen
Here lies the Lord’s emblems
That our broken lives may be clean

I ponder the Last Supper
Of all Christ did for man’s sake
He said, “Love one another”
And of His body, broken, partake

I ponder the tomb, where He lay
The bloody wounds and torn flesh
The folded cloth that Sabbath day
Yes, He gives of Himself to bless!

As I look at the table where the young priests bless the sacrament, the white cloth draped over the emblems of the Lord’s Supper remind me of the linens draped over His body, broken for my sake.- Gramps http://www.askgramps.org

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Every Week

Every week I feel
To repent and partake
The sacrament heals
As sins I forsake

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Why the bread, then the water?
In our prayers to the Father
To take Christ’s body, then His blood
And feel His love within us flood

I would love comments and discussions

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As I saw the trays that lie before
I felt a witness all anew
Of the sacredness of our Lord
And that He shares of Himself too

To take His body and His blood
Took on new meaning to me
A wash of gratitude in me did flood
And through new eyes I did see

He knows us all and wait for us
To seek Him again and again
For we must learn to humbly trust
That He is indeed our best friend

With His Spirit, we take His name
And His countenance upon us
Truly, then, we are not the same
As we are numbered with Jesus

And with His light, we are His hands,
And His voice, to spread His word
That more might hear and understand
His glad message to be heard

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We are only as great
As we remember to be
Go to church, don’t be late
Receive His image and see

Close your eyes and remember
The Lord- pure with love
Rekindle that warm ember
And serve God above

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There is a peace that comes
When we take the sacrament
The bread and water becomes
A blessing heaven sent

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