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The ever-changing seasons
Bring new beauty to each day
The skies that bring us breezes
Also cast storms down our way

Hold fast to God’s counsel
To weather the storms of life
Prepare, Saints, each house well
Build up strength through Jesus Christ
In this life, each season
Helps us become who we are meant to be
Each trial, each lesson
Is to prepare us for eternity
In times of pain, sorrow, and death
May we rejoice in the beauty God placed here
And witness to our dying breath
We have reason to hope and be of good cheer


Saints for All Seasons

Our great opportunity during the ever-changing seasons of life is to hold fast to the faithful word of God, for His counsel is designed not only to help us weather the storms of life but also to guide us past them. Our Heavenly Father has given His word through His prophets—precious knowledge designed to lead us through the challenges of difficult seasons toward the unspeakable joy and brilliant light of eternal life. It is an important part of our life’s experience to develop the strength, courage, and integrity to hold fast to truth and righteousness despite the buffeting we may experience.

Pondering this message and current news. Why are there so many crazed people? I am so thankful for the beauty of the earth, that there flowers to place over graves, and brilliant skies to cause us to look up and look forward to the “unspeakable joy and brilliant light of eternal life”.


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