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Dear Children, how I love you
And want for you the best
Life is a journey, a school
Where for goodness you are blessed
Through Christ, there is light
For what you don’t understand
Your life can be bright
If for the right, you make a stand
Hold well to my plan
I want for you, a love
That is fruitful and
From the world, far above
The world is a dark state
Where you have a mule to tame
It would to tempt you… but wait
There’s light beyond its game
You must teach the mule to stay
Along the course that is straight
It would to lead you astray
But, for marriage you must wait
Know, you are my child
I have a unique plan for you
Though how hard your trial
Christ’s light will see you through

Love, You Heavenly Father

   Just so that you know
You are not alone
Everyone has a mule in tow
Let no one judge what you have known


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