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The Role of “Choice” in Faith: Addressing Russell’s Teapot.


A close colleague in the medical field

Stated that faith is irrational

That we were “crazy” he politely revealed

But in truth we are suprarational.


As human reason only extends so far

It expands us to think outside the box

To an ultimate source, a northern star

Adding, to life,  meaning that faith unlocks




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In science we come to know
Through careful observation
In religion this is also so
By experimentation

Like unto our vision
Come of two eyes
Gaining perception
For depth to apprise

In the study of creation
For the how, when, who, and why
Through independent relation
Two viewpoints witness and certify

Every spot of light in space
Is a galaxy with a hundred billion stars
Recquiring greater thought in place
The immensity of light to find is ours

Too, the reach for our Father in heaven
Comes through effort and prayer
Oft, by which more light is given
As warm evidence of His care


A Pulsar’s Hand

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