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A few weeks ago
On a cold dark winter’s night
The stars seemed aglow
Millions, beautiful and bright

I turned to read again
With great wonder and awe
About the creation
What Moses learned from God

There are worlds without number!
Created by the Son
Each through His priesthood order
For God’s purposed, done

Hubble scientists say
We are but one galaxy
Of billions far away
All for His work and glory

To fathom that He knows me
And waits for my return
Helps me ponder where I’m going
And for what do I yearn?

I am a part of all that I see
The light which I fell
From God there is no hiding
I know He is real

I want to please Him
And tell others, too
He is the reason
I smile anew

  1. “This Is My Work and Glory” – general-conference

    LDS.org; General Conference; … A few weeks ago, on a cold, dark winter’s night, my wife, … so large and so vast are God’s creations.
  2. I found the beginnings of this poem and finished it only to find that I had completed it and published it a while ago. How long has it been since you saw a night sky filled with stars?  I was at my parents and it was so cold I didn’t last long! No shooting stars for me!

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