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Lifted by what I heard
I clung to every word
A prophet speaks today?
Now, in the latter-day!
Joseph Smith restored
The gospel of the Lord
Then, Brigham Young led, in mass,
A modern day exodus!
The priesthood keys of worth
Have returned to the Earth
Authority is in place
To prepare the human race
For the coming of the Lord!
We’ve covenants and His word
Signs of His coming abound
And His warnings can be found!

It hit me that it is the most amazing thing to have a prophet in the Latter-Day!  He just spoke to us… What counsel did he offer?  What should we be doing to obey? …and prepare?


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The Lord has set His hand
For the spreading of His Word
Through the priesthood grand
The voice of God is heard

Each worthy young man
Who accepts His call
Preaches to a given land
Calling repentance unto all

Bringing others to Christ
To prepare for His return
Changing peoples lives
For the laying of hands to yearn

Preparing the World for the Second Coming
Elder Neil L. Andersen
Ensign, May 2011, 49

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Who shall we trust in the end?
But God and His Son He did send
The signs are a part of His plan
For the salvation of man

Ever, we look to prophets and apostles
Who sound trumps of warning as angels
And put our focus on Christ for our actions
Doing good despite worldly distractions

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>The Lord wants us on His team and by His side
There are but two teams and no one hides
Blood, sweat, tears, and pain all now come to play
In the preparation for this last day

There is excitement for this great event
To some people it will be magnificent
The gospel is here for us all to embrace
And all of the players must get in place

For one team it is futile for the outcome is known
The Lord’s side must take care to not lose of their own
While watching for the signs and playing by the rules
Balancing offense and defense as the other team fools

inspired by Brother Bateman’s testimony today

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