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Capture close to your heart
The spirit of giving
Change the world. Do your part.
Start with where you are living

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The care from you, love
So selfless indeed
Helps me to reach up
In faith, like a seed

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A woman in pain
Forgot herself
The greater good to gain
To serve and help

She stretched with spams
As her mind went dull
But still she had compassion
And, how her heart was full!

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How do we show commitment
To our Savior, Jesus Christ?
But by keeping all our covenants
And giving love and sacrifice

Consecrate thine efforts
To our Savior, Jesus Christ
In all things He supports
Through the asking and the price

Elder Dallin H. Oaks
Ensign May 2012, 19

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True happiness grows
Through selfless service
Through forgiving those
Who have hurt us

I’ll make the first move
And confess my part
I want to make room
For the Lord in my heart

true happiness = feeling the spirit

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