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A soldier overseas and at war
In his bunkhouse sat all alone
He was spending time with the Lord
As with but some cards He was shown

The soldier knew it was a Sunday
The holiest day of the week
It was not like any other day
As the gunfire had become weak

With his cards displayed about
A Sergeant came and looked on in wonder
And asked what he was doing with them out
What was said, gave him much to ponder…

“I am spending time with the Lord,” He said
“In the only way I am allowed
As I cannot have a Bible, the wine, or bread
Through this deck, I have been endowed”

The sergeant asked in disbelief
“How do you do that? Can I see?”
“You see the Ace, there is one God
Two the Son, Three the Holy Ghost within me”

“Four for the words of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
Five for the virgins who were prepared
Six and seven for the creation to rest upon
Eight for Noah’s family as the rains scared”

“Nine for the lepers that Jesus cleansed

Ten for the commandments, God’s gift to us
The Jack for the Spirit of which I sense
The Queen of hearts, the Earth in trust”

“The Joker well, I threw him out
For living well is really tough
And of Satan, I can do without
Being in this war is so rough”

“Last of all is the King- that’s me
Of royal blood, I am of worth
With potential great I can be
Given mercy unto rebirth”

“I count the dots so meek and small
There is one for each day of the year
There are fifty two cards in all
One for each Sabbath and cleansing near”

“Four suits for the seasons which we live
Each has thirteen cards and weeks they own
For all this and more in service I give
That religious freedom might more be known”

The Sergeant asked, with tears in flow
If I might share the cards with him
As through the Spirit, he came to know
All that these cards can teach within

Please remember and take time to pray 
For all of our soldiers who are being sent away, 
Putting their lives on the line just for us.
As they fight for freedom and a world that’s just 


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