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Some poems can rhyme and take you somewhere
To remind you of someone, something, a place, or idea.
Some poems come out funny from what’s hidden to share
Through alliteration word play and onomatopoeia

alliteration-  a splash or splattering of words that start with the same letter.

Asleep adrift above somewhere
I counted the cotton clouds so fair 
A sheep, a draft and I awoke
My feet had my sheet and would not share

onomatopoeia spoken word sounds like the noise found

My tummy’s grumbling grew and grew
As I was fumbling with my stew
The bubbling spat and that was that
Mumbling, I took my bowl and down I sat.

assonance similar sounds especially vowels

The baker bakes a cake
The eagle eats it up
The tiger cries all day
That there was not enough

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