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Sometimes God calms the storm
Sometimes He lets it rage
Sometimes God calms the child
Like He did on this page

…to think and survive!

http://www.reagancoalition.com/articles/2013/20130715002-violent-cincy.html   This attack sparks fear and anger in the minds of most who watch it, but the victim who was helpless to stop it had a different reaction. “It was like very overwhelming, calm, and peaceful for me.… Laumann was beaten and robbed on East Fourth Street last month while on his way to work. Though outnumbered, the 23 year-old says he outsmarted his attackers by intentionally staying in view of the surveillance camera.  “So as they’re attacking you, you tell them there’s a camera. Yes, I tell them there’s cameras. And what did they say? They didn’t say anything. They just took off running.”

Have you ever had that calm feeling when you are stuck in a bad situation and should be fearful?  I had three men come to me in a parking lot.  I was calm. They had their heads in my car windows. One had his arms resting in the passenger door. My purse looked like a mailbag because I had been writing letters. They asked what I was doing.  I read them a poem.  We talked about God, family, and prayer.  One said he was hungry, I shared.  It became a beautiful moment. My husband thinks otherwise and said, “You have a cell phone for a reason.” 
Well at least I was not robbed and kicked in the head like this man.


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