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Studying for days and weeks at a time
Sir Isaac Newton was influenced by the Bible
Birthing calculus, he had quite a mind
Sticking to universal laws all of the while

Said of Newton, knighted for his work in physics, astronomy, and optics: ” he spent more time on theology than on science; indeed, he wrote about 1.3 million words on Biblical subjects…Newton’s understanding of God came primarily from the Bible, which he studied for days and weeks at a time….Newton’s theology profoundly influenced his scientific method… His God was not merely a philosopher’s impersonal First Cause; he was the God in the Bible who freely creates and rules the world, Who speaks and acts in  history.”
Said Jefferson, “Bacon, Newton and Locke…are my trinity of the three greatest men the world has ever produced.”
The Jefferson Lies pg. 39
David Barton


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