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Roche/ Thomas Roche
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A trainer of wolves fixed
And kept them locked in a pen
A deer stood outside transfixed
Though they were not in the open

It stood mesmerized
He shooed it away
Then, he could not believe his eyes
More came the next day

They encircled the pen
Staring, silently entranced
I learned something, then
Upon some things you must not glance

Beware of those
Who seek to catch your eye
You must suppose
They will tempt you awry



  1. Away from the appropriate, planned, or expected course; amiss: “many youthful romances go awry”.
  2. Out of the normal or correct position; askew.
askew – aslant – amiss – askance

..thoughts from a TC Christensen fireside  and his experience when filming Seventeen Miracles.
  New T.C. Christensen film “Ephraim’s Rescue” tells the story of a simple man doing ‘the work of angels’St. George News | STGnews.com

  1. Beware the Wolves – New Era July 2012 – new-era

    Mesmerized Deer on the Film Set. While working on the pioneer film 17 Miracles, my team and I created several scenes to convey this threat of wolves.


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