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What has Jesus done for me?
One asked…while not wanting to see
But the words were said, I gave them much thought
Knowing the answer for each must be sought-

He created this earth and added for us light
As our Exemplar, He then came and did all that is right
He suffered our pains and sins, then was sentenced to death
And because of Him we will rise again through His living breath

Ever selfless up to and through His darkest hour
He gave us commandments, the priesthood, and sealing power
While humbly He listens to and attends to every prayer
Such that when we need Him, He is always there

To those in the dark who have lost their way
There is oh so much more I would like to say
May the Holy Ghost teach to you all of the rest
As you seek for it, in righteousness, truly you will be blessed

Teachings of Jesus
Dallin H. Oaks
Ensign, November 2011

Thank you Danielle for your email. I love to put thoughts to poetry. It touches me that you have read some. I hope to get better as the years go by. Sometimes I think I will stop. But, writing has become a very close friend… and I miss it deeply- five days was a long time this week.

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