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I came upon a site
That unveiled what is sacred
Mocking a temple rite
Utterly out of hatred

Oh that I were in that circle
Linked in heavenly prayer
Knowing that God and angels
Listen and really care

Those who feed off of contention
are never truly satisfied
Their cold hearts are an extension
of a prison wall with one side

Yes, on Youtube some people have posted films of the temple.  It is sacred and not secret…


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Oh the joy that must be there’s
To know that someone living cares
To lift the separations that they know
That to their loved ones they may go

Turn your hearts to those departed
Living fountains ever flow
If you haven’t, in some way get started
Family ties endure as sealings grow

  1. Doors of Death – general-conference

    This morning Elder Boyd K. Packer spoke of the “fountains of life.” This afternoon, I But there is another type of separation known in scripture as spiritual death. (See 2 Ne. …. Family ties endure because of sealings in the temple I remember a sense of returning home to meet ancestors for whom I had done temple work.

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Seek after your kin
Even those who’ve gone before
It would be a sin
To not bring them to the Lord

The Prophet Joseph Smith taught, “The greatest responsibility in this world that God has laid upon us is to seek after our dead.”3
June VT message

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The earth was created
And the family revealed
Then generations waited
To be joined and sealed

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Do not drop the ball
Consider those who’ve passed
Give to them your all
Give them the gift that lasts

Gordon B. Hinckley,
“Don’t Drop the Ball,”
Ensign, Nov 1994, 46

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