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Responding to — and explaining — LDS baptisms for the dead

 Friday, Feb. 17 2012 

Terryl Givens of the University of Richmond along with his answers. For example:

Why do Mormons practice proxy baptism for the dead? (“Historically, Christians have been exclusive,” Givens says. “Catholics have taught that only Catholics are saved, and evangelicals say only if you confess according to their tradition. Mormons say, “No, salvation is open to all people.’ In that sense, Mormonism is the most nonexclusive religion in the Christian world.”)

So are all those who are baptized after death considered Mormon? (“No,” Gilgoff wrote. “Mormons believe that baptism provides the deceased with the opportunity to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but not the obligation. ‘This is about putting names on the guest list,’ says Givens. ‘They might not go to the party, but they are given the chance.’ ”


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