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>Women gather for information
And share what they have known
While men for recreation
Buddy up or are content to stand alone

Once the women are up-to-date
It is time then to go home
And share with their mate
The wisdom that has grown

a tendency of the “natural woman”
I saw the Cave Man in Las Vegas. My husband got free tickets from giving blood and we had not been on a date for quite a while. It actually became two dates because the traffic was bad and we were uncertain where to park. We went to the Bellagio and walked out to the water show, went back inside had yummy icecream and walked through the indoor garden. I could breathe so much easier and the smell of fresh flowers was so lovely compared to the stale cigarette smoke in the casino. I forgot what it is like to be in a plant environment. The next night we sat next to another couple. I guess couple go to strengthen their marriage. There was a lot of bad words in his dialogue, but he did have wisdom about relationships. At the end of the show, he apologized for his language and pointed out the pluses of his show for family and marriage- an rare thing to find on the strip. I would rate him fourth for a date night. #1 Gladys Knight, #3 Phantom of the Opera, #3 Penn and Teller. But actually first if you are having marriage problems. He really gets to the natural man’s tendencies. It is good to laugh about some of our “tendencies”.


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