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When Jesus Christ was born
There arose above a star;
Such that none could ignor
What had been prophecy, thus far.

This night was as bright as day.
God’s son was upon the Earth!
In the most miraculous way-
Of a virgin… for a humble birth.

Thus so in a foreign land
As believers were to be destroyed;
Their night was made bright and
This saved them.. they doubly rejoiced.

But many hearts stood still,
Unwilling to let Him in.
Lacking faith they could not feel,
They being prone to sin within.

Then… came the sign at His death-
The whole earth realed to and fro.
Resurrected Jesus would come to them!
To those who would live, see, feel, and know.

So great the tempest and storm,
For hours light could not be seen!
Then God’s voice announced the Lord
And He descended as though a dream.

With priesthood He set up His church.
Mosaic laws were put to rest.
He healed them and gave them time to search
In their hearts, how they had been so blessed.

He only stayed so long
As to have a record made-
To help them to be strong…
That their faithfulness would not fade.

All could not be written though-
As even babes were given words to say.
So wonderous His love to know,
For generations, peace came from that day.

Now…still the story does not end,
As we have their written account;
And again He will descend-
As signs all around will mount.

Who has eyes to see?
And in their heart has room?
In faith, we all must seek
And let His love inside us bloom.

The time has been made full-
Soon He will come again to earth;
To forever reign and rule
That all might know rebirth.

Let us look towards this day-
With hope that is made bright.
Though the world in sin may sway,
In Christ, all will be made right.

The Book of Mormon message,
A second testimony of Christ,
(Made by those on this continent)
Shares forth, to the world, His light


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When Jesus Christ was born
There arose above a star
For all of the world to see
A beautiful sign to inform
Mankind both near and far
Of the fulfillment of prophecy

The night was as bright as day
This miracle had occurred!
God’s son was upon the Earth!
It was a delight to pray
To let each voice be heard
With wonder at His birth

But many hearts stood still
Unwilling to let Him in
Though the sign had been foretold
Lacking faith they could not feel
They being prone to murmur within
But more would later unfold…

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