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A woman walking about
Fell into a pit so deep
She had no way to get out
And laid down and began to weep
A passerby chanced to walk by
She raised herself up and cried out for help
He saw immediately what to try
And lowered a ladder and went down himself
The Only Begotten provides the means
That we might escape from the pit
When we sin, repentance is what we need
To call upon the Lord and profit

“A [woman] walking along a road fell into a pit so deep [she] could not climb out. No matter what [she] did, [she] could not get out by [herself]. The [woman] called for help and rejoiced when a kind passerby heard [her] and lowered a ladder down into the pit. This allowed [her] to climb out of the pit and regain [her] freedom.
“We are like the [woman] in the pit. Sinning is like falling into the pit, and we can’t get out by ourselves. Just as the kind passerby heard the [woman’s] cry for help, Heavenly Father sent his Only Begotten Son to provide the means of escape. Jesus Christ’s atonement could be compared to lowering a ladder into the pit; it gives us the means to climb out.”10 But the Savior does more than lower the ladder, He “comes down into the pit and makes it possible for us to use the ladder to escape.”11 “Just as the [woman] in the pit had to climb up the ladder, we must repent of our sins and obey the gospel principles and ordinances to climb out of our pit and make the Atonement work in our lives. Thus, after all we can do, the Atonement makes it possible for us to become worthy to return to Heavenly Father’s presence.”12
Is Faith in the Atonement of Jesus Christ Written in Our Hearts?
By Linda K. Burton
Relief Society General President

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