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Maybe this new calling
Is to help someone else
This mantle for falling….
Parts the seas that now swell


Elijah, in company with Elisha (Eliseus), approaches the Jordan. He rolls up his mantle and strikes the water (2 Kings 2:8). The water immediately divides and Elijah and Elisha cross on dry land. Suddenly, a chariot of fire and horses of fire appear and Elijah is lifted up in a whirlwind. As Elijah is lifted up, his mantle falls to the ground and Elisha picks it up.


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The mantle falls upon him
When a bishop’s called to serve
A transformation starts within
To learn how to observe

And listen without speaking much
To fulfill the call with love
A kindly shepherd tending flock
Till they return to the fold above

Inspired by Brother Nelson paying tribute to Brother Rasmussen (my mom’s past bishop and home teacher who is moving).


The Mantle of Elijah

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