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>Screaming, slaughter, retaliation, and blood
A legacy of battle and hatred in flood
Till, one day, stung for the murders they had done
They buried their weapons, each and every last one

..So changed having turned to God and His light
When another group came to force them to fight
They would not fight nor would they flee
Sadly this new enemy was their own family

They prostrated themselves wherever they were found
Their blood spilled and spread upon the ground
When the slaughter ended, suddenly stilled
Over one thousand had quickly been killed

Pricked in their hearts for the numbers slain
Great numbers covenanted to never kill again
Never to fight, even in self defense
So wanting to change from a lowly existence

They had to move where they could find peace
To another nation as refugees
But, with these people, they had been known to fight
They had to prove they had turned to light

They promised to be servants, humble and low
Due to the love of God they had come to know
This country welcomed them and gave them land
Together they served and worked hand in hand

One day, there was a terrible war
They would lose all they had worked for
Every man was needed or all would be lost
But this group’s covenant to God would be the cost

They could not fight, nor would anyone let them
But their young sons could and offered to give their help
With faith, they knew God was on their side
And this was a truth which cannot be denied

For they trained as much as they prayed
And in the end all of them were saved
The battle was won…It was a miracle
And they increased as a promised people

Alma 24:25
stung for the murders which they had committed


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