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There is strength and power
In letting your voice be heard
There is a need. This is the hour
To be out spreading God’s word

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Do you hear the melody
And sense the need to be free?
It penetrated the captor
Who repented some years after

He then wrote words to free his soul
And redeem him from his role
Now slavery has long since gone
But, no not ever will this song

…Amazing Grace

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the truth of war- there are some strongly disturbing images in this video

A nation held in bondage
How would you fight back?
When pushed up to the edge
Patiently wait for the crack

What have you been taught?
What did your fathers know?
Hope within must be sought
For freedom’s light to show

The courage then to act
Must override each fear
Voices must attract
And full faith must appear

Then filled with new purpose
Knowing it is right
Avail yourself to service
And sing out with all your might

…..In Estonia…
It was the thinkers
That were the first to go
But… truth still lingers
And can spread to grow

The truth is this simple-
Under God’s laws we can’t go wrong
Getting along- we are “the people”
With unity to be strong

A land that once was choice
Must search their fathers out
And recapture each voice
Of what we are about

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