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There is peace
That comes from Christ
Midst life’s fast pace
Warmth does arrize
Feel it flow
And fill your breast
Love to know
For peace and rest
I remember someone saying General Conference is boring.  I long for it. And return to it for the feelings that come…and the peace!

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Difficultdays lay ahead
Sinis on the increase
Butwe need not be ashamed
Yokedwith Christ, there is peace
Withthe Lord we are ready
Andwe not be so scared
Thepath is sure and steady
Tothose who are prepared
Thewhole of human kind
Willknow of His return
Fornow He is ours to find
Asto His laws we turn

The peace and Joy of Knowing
The Savior Lives
Elder Russell M. Nelson
Ensign, Dec 2011, 17

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