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>These holy emblems
Teach us of Christ,
Of His atonement,
And sacrifice

The Savior wants us
To remember
All the commandments
He the exemplar

We come to partake
Through repentance
In Him to awake
To our covenants

With the emblems of
His flesh and blood
We partake of love
Ever pure to flood

He the chosen one
Was without sin
He, God’s Son, alone
Had strength within

In an upstairs room
They soon to dine
He taught what loomed
Tore bread and poured wine

In the bits of bread
His ransom lay
Through His blood shed
Sins wash away

We have grateful hearts
Feeling so blessed
His love imparts
Cleansing, peace, and rest

Through this ordinance
We, God, acclain
To obey hence
And take Christs’ name

Prayerful and reverant
With thoughts made pure
Through the sacrament
We have strength to endure


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