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Save for a very few
Who defect unto perdition
There is no sin you can do
That will exempt you from redemption

The hope of repentance exists
A change of heart can occur
To be taken from the darkest abyss
Unto light, love, peace, and succor

When you feel the Spirit, you’ll want
To repent and learn all you can
To be honest in what you’ve to confront
To be Christ-like with Light at hand

The worth of each soul is great
As a precious child of God
A blossoming countenance awaits
As one takes hold of the iron rod

Then, comes the day of release
To the arms of a ward family
Where new covenants can increase
Truth and light for sampling

Encompassed by Christ-like love
The temple becomes a reality
Letting go of what the past was made of
Looking forward to eternity

Remembering Those in Prison – Ensign Aug. 2010 – ensign


Aug. 2010; Remembering Those in Prison. Previous · Next  We are to feed the poor, clothe the naked, and visit those who are in prison. It is in this spirit that the 


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