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With a smile on my face
A warm prayer in my heart
And my pillow in embrace
A dream began to start

The randomness of sleep
Displayed what’s in my head
As REM’s went deep
I saw what I just read

The tree of life, so green
Had fruit on every leaf
The whitest ever seen
I was thrilled beyond belief

I held one in my hand
Fragrance filled the air
Oh, the taste was grand
So pure, I sought to share

I searched far a wide
So hard,  that I woke up
My dream I will not hide
For what I tasted was love


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Straight is the way
To the tree of life
Do not look away
Though there will be strife
Press on and partake
Of what is sweet and pure
Through covenants you make
You’ve grace to endure

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There’s a path bright and clean
That through faith is seen.
It’s through prayer, you find your way
And the Holy Ghost helps you stay.

Where the path ends, there’s a glimpse
To humble souls in need
The love of God is within reach
As you search, ponder, and heed

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