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Through it all
Trials call
Carry on
And be strong
High School Teammates and Wrestlers  “Carry On”


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In the lonely vicissitudes of life.
Who can really understand my pain?
What is out there to help me through this strife?
I would give all I own for hope to gain!

To those going through such a time as this.
Think of the Savior and the Atonement process.
He cried,”Abba!” as a son would to His father.
He KNOWS and has been there, His life like no other!

Follow His footsteps straight to your knees.
Let Heavenly Father hear of your needs.
Let him know you are having a hard time
Look up and believe all will be fine

And through some miracle Christ will mediate.
And His peace He will send to in some small way alleviate…
All the uncertainty, though perhaps not the pain.
For the will of the Father is always there to gain.

“Hope Ya Know, We Had a Hard Time”
Quentin L. Cook

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The truths of the gospel prevail
Though trials come with a fury
With our talents we will come out well
As they are our strengths for enduring

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On the Cusp

Defining moments
Are meant for all
But Satan’s minnions
Would that we fall

The trap is laid
And we fall short
A step not made
Unto the Lord

Then come the jeers
We can’t get up
This…is but fears
We’re at the cusp

Seek for deliverance
Utter cries
Accept dependence

Vow then to heed
The call that’s found
The Lord will lead
There’s higher ground

Growth awaits
We are called Saints
Through laws obtained

this talks about an oft dark trial just before the success story

Success Stories – Sterling W Sill – October 1975 General Conference

Success Stories – Sterling W Sill – October 1975 General Conference

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God does all things right
He watches over us
Both in day and night
He is our source of  light

Each trial that we bear
Strengthens us for others
We console and give care
As daughters, sisters, mothers

The love of God flows forth
From humble heart to heart
Thwarting wicked efforts
So cruel with stinging darts

Trials come to all
They are inevitable
Charity’s your call
Women, you’re incredible!

thoughts from:  Daughters in My Kingdom Chapter 3  Cleave unto the Covenants
“But I believe there is a power that watches over us and does all things right”  Eliza Partridge Lyman- daughter of the first bishop.  She said this after losing a sick baby. she stayed up with night after night and did everything in her power but it was not good enough.
“The love of God flowed from heart to heart till the wicked one seemed powerless in his efforts to get between us and the Lord, and his cruel darts, in some instances, were shorn in their sting.”  
-Helen Mar Whitney

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