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Upon the garden floor, He knelt
And prayed for you and I
Where in full suffering swell, He felt
Pain, all that life can try

Upon the garden floor, He prayed
That He not take the cup
Yet, for the Father’s will, He stayed
That He might lift us up

Upon the garden floor He then
Suffered for us in full
As upon Him our sins were pressed
That made crimson His wool

Rejection, pain, uncertainty,
Misery, and want
He felt all of this, perfectly
And knows what we confront

Meekly for us, He prayed on still
With drops of blood in flow
Alone, to atone and fulfill
That mercy, we might know

Then from this darkened state, He rose
For cleansing to impart
And as the scapegoat He did pose
With love but in His heart

Next, in the enclosed tomb, He lay
Till angels for Him came
He taught the prison world that day
And knew them all by name

He is our Lord, our Savior, King
And we adore Him still
For peace and comfort He does bring
As love from Him we feel


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