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See the daughters
Of God on high
Virtue matters
And here is why

There is a light
Shone in their eyes
When all is right
It never lies


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Let there be light
That shines forth from me
Virtue to ignite
Others for preparing

“We can be a force for righteousness in preparing for the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

—Quentin L. Cook, “Let There Be Light!
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As I went forward
He held out his hand
His wife said not a word
Her smile was grand
I told him about me
Our eyes did not part
I spoke of my family
He looked in my heart
Then, taking his wife’s hand
He said, “This is my queen!”
And now I understand
What deep beauty does mean
Her hair, white, was a crown
Her eyes sparkled, bejeweled
Through goodness endowed
Of the best she was schooled
Optimism and trust showed
She knew who she was
From within she just glowed
For that’s what a queen does
Since then I have sought
Knowledge and virtue
From the best I’ve been taught
For I want to be like her too

Sister Elaine S. Dalton tells of how she learned as a young woman what true beauty means. As a young woman, you were born to be a queen.

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