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Small and simple things
Reach into our hearts
Peace and comfort brings
Wisdom that imparts

Pondering June 2012 visiting teaching message


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Dear Sister, I have come to listen-
To roll up my sleeves and serve.
I can do both as we visit.
I am not afraid to work

Visiting Teachers Led Me to Jesus Christ
Jayne P. Bowers
Ensign, Jan 2012, 8

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Called to be your teacher
What is it I can share
To start, I am eager
To show you that I care

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You’ve quiet dignity
Elegance and grace
So filled with charity
Your smile’s an embrace

You’ve confidence to speak
With charity also
Humbly as one meek
You present what you know

Respect is what you give
Helping others stand up tall
Offering perspective
You’re a leader to us all

This is not me.
I oft speak before thinking and have to slow down.
My house is chaos and I am forever seeking….
Perhaps that is why I write?
Hope you have been blessed to know
someone like this and can share…

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