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There once was a man named Saul
Who treated the Saints angrily
Till the Lord caused Him to fall
Asking, “Why persecutest thou me?”

Who now waits for such a sign
Delaying covenants to enter?
To the seeker there is much to find
And belief must be at one’s center

Belief Comes One Step at a Time

One single piece of the gospel
May not make sense, viewed all alone
But like unto a large puzzle
When grouped together much more is shown

The grand beauty in the end
Shows what at first was missed
Oft the Savior had been a friend
Quietly… gently… unnoticed

Hearken and Heed

The things of the Spirit oft come
As a whisper given to heed
Perhaps to attend to the one
Who humbly prayed…deeply in need

The whisperings will quickly fade
If not heeded or tended to
Our choices must be heavenly weighed-
What is it the Lord would have us do?


Through answering another’s cries
We oft answer the needs of our own
Lifting scales from our spiritual eyes
The windows of heaven become shown


We have a glad message to share-
The great blessing of Jesus Christ
In the right time and place to declare
Through Him all things are made bright

Our Road to Damascus

Oft we’re like Saul, living in doubt…
Waiting on the road to Damascus
May our countenance shine more about
As we heed the bright call of Jesus

Waiting on the Road to Damascus
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Ensign, May 2011


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