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The writers of the Constitution
Never would have thought
The family institution
We’d turn our own backs on

What could be more stable
Than the family and the home
Where children grow up able
To self govern and raise their own

The family can promote
“The general welfare”
By being home to note
Who is in need of care

As in the day to day
Parents “establish justice”
Reeinforcing always
The light for good within us

Being known to honor
and “pursue happiness”
Each takes their place as patriots
“To provide for the common defense”

The family, being moral
“Secures the blessings of liberty”
Wanting “a more perfect union for all”
Ought we not protect the family?

The generations past
Knew how to sacrifice
Perhaps to them our eyes should cast
For they know freedom’s price

Our country is being torn
In half by divorce,
By entitlements we’ve formed,
And the way our courts discourse

A return to the family
To the bonds we have known
Will help us pursue happily
Liberty- home grown

“We the Family”
Makes a nation strong
Through matrimony
With commitments made lifelong

“We the Families”
by Tom Christensen
United Families International
May 10, 2011


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