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What are you passionate about?
Nature, family, and friends- what of these?
They reach into the soul, I have no doubt
For fulfillment, unto God, if you please

With nature, become connected with yourself
To what causes the heart to stir and mind to turn
From the earth’s tranquil peace, new thoughts can swell
There to uncover, with the breeze, what you seek to learn

With family, in those sudden moments that are as breath
When you feel generations of love that sustains
Let this give you aspirations to be your best
And raise you to new heights where purpose reigns

In the bonds of friendship, come admissions
Of inner thoughts buried and hid
In vulnerability they give permission
To unbear wounds from something you did

Can you imagine the next step
Yours to take in this sacred space
If, in humility, to God you crept
Imagine the pleasure… the embrace


if you please,


if it be your pleasure; if you like or prefer.

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