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What happened to the days
You could wag your finger
To state a better way
And a man would stand up bigger

“Yes, Ma’am”, he would state
And admit that he was wrong
For he could hardly wait
To prove that he was strong

What happened to the day
When a sign of disapproval
Corrected what was gray
For what’s right and for approval

What happened to the days
When a look was all you needed
For someone to change their ways
And mutual respect was greeted

How good it was to find
When you got out of line
A gesture to remind-
With your conscience, realign  

What happened to the day
When high morals were on display
And black and white did not fade
And gray was pushed away

I went to a TV preview for an upcoming
show called partners.  I thought how much
TV has changed and revolves around  pushing
the edge… What happened to the day?

Ma’am is a contraction for Madame.  


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