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When I was a little boy
I was bored in school
I disturbed class to annoy
Thinking it was cool

For when the teacher said, “enough!”
Through the office came my reward
In their efforts to be tough
They sent me home to be bored

But my mom was a teacher
At another school
And each day she would share
Lessons of the golden rule

This was a public class
And the Bible was a friend
For the lessons taught us fast-
Goodness wins in the end

Yet, I continued my ways
In the days before detention
To my mother’s class always
Enjoying that attention

Then one day…she said, “enough!”
And put me in a Christian School
They lacked “authority”… it was tough
Though I was young, I could not be fooled

I learned about lip service
And that was when I changed my ways
I rose to a higher purpose
And will do so for the rest of my days!


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