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Jesus means so much to me 
Where shall I begin?
To describe that you might see
How He is my friend!

Long ago, my first prayer
Was a wish in a tunnel
I placed myself in His care
My life a fearful puzzle

Why do my boyfriends all feel to drink
As unfaithful company?
From this, myself, I had learned to shrink
And I would not date any!

I felt more than I heard
I would meet someone quite grand
My first prayer was answered
On Monday, I met His man!

He was more than I could believe
He was my path to God!
There were covenants I could receive
My loneliness was gone!

But, a day came that was a test
Would I stay true, all alone?
I did not help his man be his best…
Unfaithfulness was made known!

Could I stand on my own two feet?
I had much to learn!
It would not be an easy feat
For what did I yearn?

After a long and bumpy road
That at times was but dark
I learned the dearest thing to hold
Is the Lord in my heart!

And with my heart grown quite warm
I came to know the Lord
I grew to trust in His arm
And to read from His Word

My life has not been perfect
But He has been with me still
My prideful path to reject
To surrender to His will

In belief of my own worth
Mercifully… like a dream
A new romance came to birth
Like a king has met his queen!

The first kiss, shall I tell?
Was after we made our vows
This our covenant as well
With the Lord who endows

Put the Lord first, before your face
Trust in His will and timing
For, great things will be put in place
From Him all love comes, shining


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